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Weightlifting For Sports Performance

Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster to

Compete at the Next Level  

2024 Summer Schedule

Summer Sessions

4-Week Programs, 5 Days per Week

Lifting Class Schedule:
Monday through Friday
Classes starting at: 
9AM, 9:45AM, 10:30AM, and 11:15AM

Session 1: June 17 - July 12
Session 2: July 15 - August 9


How it Works

Step 1. Assessment for new athletes
Completed on the first day of class
Step 2. Get your personalized four-week workout plan
3 to 5 days/week program
Step 3. Complete your program at our facility
Get bigger, faster, and stronger
Increase your confidence
Achieve your goals!

What's My Investment?

physical readiness assessment

pre-workout assessment testing an athletes level of balance, stamina, flexibility, and strength to ensure athlete safety and proper program design

individual monthly lifting program

workouts consist of proper warm-up, technical coordination, absolute strength, hypertrophy, accessory, and mobility/stretching exercises

athlete development training

on non-lift days, athletes will perform speed, agility, quickness, plyometric, and impulse exercises

daily lifting classes to assist athlete's completion of their program

B Sports Coaches are USAW Certified Coaches

Develop superior strength and power

Benefits of Olympic Lifting for Sports Performance

Ground based and functional

Involves multiple joint actions simultaneously

Develops the core and kinesthetic awareness simultaneously

Enhances flexibility and mobility

Generates hypertrophy and neural adaptations

Improves ability to generate and accept force


Learn to lift like an athlete

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