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Your success is our success

We all want our children to be happy and to achieve success.

Athletics can be a great avenue in which to experience these things.


However, as parents, there are many times when we don't always know the best way to help facilitate our athlete's success. Even good attempts at helping can be foiled by inadequate coaching. 


Enter Triple Tier Throwing by B Sports PerformanceLike you, we are frustrated by the lack of opportunity for athletes to achieve their full potential. 

We are dedicated to professionally coaching your child, with programs that are fun and stimulating, in a structured environment to ensure your athlete's success.

Your athlete's journey will end in success by:



And, your athlete will avoid the failures of:




Go from feeling frustrated to happy and relieved!

Take the frustration from being unable to help your child to being ecstatic that your child is more confident and happy. Find relief in knowing your child is being coached well and is being given the best opportunity to be successful in all aspects of their lives.

becoming bigger, stronger, and faster, 

feeling more confident in their abilities, and


achieving their athletic goals.

not realizing their full potential,

not making a team or getting desired playing time,

getting injured from inadequate athletic preparation, or

simply getting passed by the competition.

Meet The Team

Brian Profile.JPG

Brian Pendergast

Brian is one of the co-founders of B Sports. He has been a professional coach since 2013, working with countless numbers of athletes of all sports and skill levels. Brian was the pitching coach at Farmington High School for the past decade and has does consulting work for organizations including Loomis Chaffee, Connecticut Blue Jays, and Gap2Gap. As a former graduate of Fordham University and Division I All-American athlete, Brian specializes in developing athletes both physically and mentally in order to optimize their individual athletic performance and growth. Brian is also a certified Level 1 USA Weightlifting Coach.

Liz Profile_edited.jpg

Liz Ricapito

Liz is a co-founder and owner of B Sports. She has been studying and coaching neuromuscular training since 2015 and is an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. A graduate from Penn State University with her bachelors in elementary education and masters in reading, Liz specializes in the development of young athletes by using her teaching background to provide efficient and effective coaching. In addition, she is a certified Level 1 USA Weightlifting coach and a National Sports Performance Association certified Speed and Agility Coach.

Tyler Mandeville_edited.jpg

Tyler Mandeville

Tyler is the head of baseball development at B Sports. Tyler played four years of varsity baseball at Plainville High School and also played at Nichols College. He is currently completing his CIAC Coaches Certificate. He is also a competing member of USAPL. Tyler brings enthusiasm and a positive attitude to challenge his athletes daily. 

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